The first set of resources are from the Tacoma Daily Ledger. The Ledger was a daily newspaper published in Tacoma during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The following articles present different facets of the 1885 expulsion, largely focusing on growing anti-Chinese sentiment leading up to the events of November 3, 1885.

The following affidavits were collected by the United States government after the Tacoma Expulsion. Given the relative paucity of Chinese sources during this period in Tacoma, they are especially important for tracking the lives of some of the Chinese community's most influential members. The files were scanned from the following Department of State microfilm: Miscellaneous Letters of the Department of State, 1789-1906, NARA, M-179, Roll 707.

Lesson Plans

The Tacoma Expulsion and the Chinese Community

The Tacoma Daily Ledger on the Chinese Expulsion